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Addition to Noise Pollution | Firecrackers, Hooters, and High Sound

From where and when the practice of firing firecrackers has been generated? Who laid the foundation of blowing hooters on special occasions? What is the purpose of playing songs at an intensive volume through sound systems? Can we call educated while following the steps of illiteracy? Let’s talk about this issue in this article.

Firing or lighting firecrackers, blowing hooters and playing songs at a high volume at a function or occasion of happiness are considered common practices now a days. These three things prove to be huge causes of distress and discomfort to not only patients around, but also to the common people. Heart patients get stressed as any kind of high sound directly affects their hearts. When we play sounds loudly, it directly causes a worse effect on their heartbeat. People having migraine problem face severe or unbearable pain due to the noise caused by hooters and loud sound. Firecrackers when lighted if touch an electric wire passing in a street can also cause a serious danger and damage. All of them are reasons of adding to the noise pollution and we all know this fact well. Still they are practiced much commonly at every pleasurable function or occasion such as weddings, Eid, Shab-e-Barat, Shab-e-Miraj, Independence Day, Birthdays, Yom-e-Pakistan, Defence Day, etc. These are a part of bitter realities of our society but we are not ready to accept this fact. They are affecting each and every person around where followed. A normal human also suffers from these noises as they make the sense of listening weaker. Being an educated nation, we must take steps to stop these foolish ideas rather being a part of them. Moreover, government should also ban such things which are of no use but a cause of trouble for others only. Punishment should be imposed for the use of firecrackers, hooters and playing sound more than bearable.

Why don’t we teach our youngsters and children that it should not be done? Instead, why do we provide them money to buy these things or even buy them ourselves? Isn’t it our responsibility to stop these harmful practices? Shouldn’t we care for patients? Instead of decreasing noise pollution, why are we adding to it? Why do we follow these ways of ignorance and let our children commit such acts which cause trouble to humanity? When would government open its eyes up to these harmful facts? Stop adding to noise pollution!

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