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Fake Marriage Bureaus | Lives Destroying

     Do you know how innocent and helpless people are looted by fake marriage bureaus? In what ways they are committing fraud on the name of fixing proposals and arranging marriages? Today we are going to reveal the reality of fraud marriage bureaus which are active in almost all the big cities of our country. Let’s know about how they target needy people and destroy their lives without thinking for a single time, just for their own greed.

     Three marriage bureaus have been investigated secretly. The investigative team sent one of his members in the shape of the person willing for the marriage. All of them had given advertisements in a newspaper and according to the information each one has a proposal of a girl either so rich or American nationality holder. Moreover, either the girl was disable or dying of some serious disease, after which the husband could enjoy all of her wealth. This was to strengthen the urge and desire of the willing person, so that more and more people could come and pay the fee. The mentioned member had been sent one by one to all the three marriage bureaus. All of them demanded a high fee on the name of registration and asked about the common things which are kept in view for marriage purposes. The interesting fact is that the member didn’t provide the copy of his CNIC and they even didn’t force to provide. It means they were just concerned with the money, not the identity. Each of them promised to arrange a meeting with the girl and her family the next day. When the team went there the next day, they started to give lame excuses that the meeting couldn’t be arranged for some reason. One of the marriage bureaus was locked for the next three days in order to avoid all those who came for the same proposal. Another thing to be noticed is that all of them had not mentioned the word of marriage bureau, instead the boards affixed outside their offices were showing the words of state agencies.

     Why people believe such fake marriage bureaus? How cruel are they in return, who are making money under the cover of a well-wisher, taking the advantage of helplessness of innocent people? Can it be counted how much people fall a prey to them and they fool them grabbing the money on the name of registration fee? Why doesn’t the government take any step against such fake institution and offices going on under the name of State Agencies? Would these culprits ever be punished by any law? Stay far from such bureaus, don’t destroy your children lives by your own hand!

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