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Fake Theosophists | Consider the Reality

      Why our beliefs have been growing weaker and weaker as the time is passing on? Why is it so that we trust humans instead of God? Should not we understand that may be God want to examine us by throwing a difficult time towards us? Then how can a human solve our problems that we rush to get a spell or magical solution to get out of difficulty? Do you know how much such activities have become a trend now, and how people are being fooled and deceived In the name of magic? 

     A fake theurgist has been arrested. He was being suspect for a long time after complaints have been received against him. So a team of secret police was assigned the task of revealing his reality. The team work intelligently and a member went to him putting a problem before him to solve. Other members were working in the cooperation. All the actions and the underlying reality have been recorded. All the illegal business running under the cover of a ‘Peer’ has been unveiled. It was just a way of looting people. He neither had any special power nor any theosophy. It is not the only case. Hundreds of people are being fooled by the hands of such fraud magicians and so-called peers every day. Especially the uneducated people and habitants of villages or under developed areas are the main prey of such theurgists. They tell fake stories before their prey in a way that he or she immediately agrees to get a magical solutions from them. Hence they grab a large amount of money on the name of things they need to perform fake magical activities.

     The question is, why we, especially females, believe such embezzlers? Why we don’t put our problems in front of God and pray for mercy? Instead, why we seek the way of fake Peers and witchcrafts? Why don’t we apologize from God for our mistakes and sins so that our calamities and afflictions could be reduced or excused? Don’t such people fear while fooling the innocent and uneducated humans using the name of God? Why even educated people fall a prey to them? Consider the actual fault!

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