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Beggar Mafia | A Professional Evil

Can a person be given the right to beg who does not have any obligation? Can a person, who is healthy and has no incapability seek alms, be really a Muslim? Is there no humanity and morality left in such people? It is surprising to know that now begging has become not only a profession but even a proper mafia is working behind the beggars. In a single area, there can be multiple mafias. They have their own set of beggars. Different areas are allotted to different groups of beggars including gender-less people to beg. Traffic signals, markets, streets, roads each and every place is occupied by them.

The people supervising these beggars take commission for the entire amount gotten from begging on daily basis. Still the beggars have enough money to spend in the other negative practices like gambling and drug addiction. They don’t allow any outsider to beg in their occupied area, and if someone does so, their rogues come on the spot to throw that person far from their area. All the beggars begging under the cover of mafia are professional beggars and their whole family begs. These mafia owners pay commission to the officials in authority hence the people who are responsible to keep check on them are actually the agents to facilitate them. Who is responsible? Isn’t it a crime? Where the government and officials are? Why doesn’t this profession running in the name of God be eliminated? Have the people of present era really lost their faith and religion even? Now the mafia will work by using the name and sake of God? And are we not at fault, who give alms to such professional beggars who are not the right ones, without judging them? Who is wrong, they or we? Aren’t they or we usurping the rights of deserving ones just because we don’t look around.

We have made ourselves so reserved that we don’t look the person living next door or in our premises. We can spend hours in futile activities but can’t manage few minutes to visit our neighbors to find out people in actual need__ a point to think about!

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