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Is Privacy Still Privacy?

Hidden Cameras ___ A Threat to Reputation

Is your privacy still private/safe? What cause the blackmailing incidents growing day by day refer to? Can you imagine how dangerous it can prove to your chastity? We see and hear about a number of blackmailing incidents on daily basis. These outrageous facts coming in front of our eyes are mostly caused by hidden cameras. Cameras are the most common reason of blackmailing now a day.

These cameras are fixed inside of a wall, fan, scenery or some other thing at private places. They are covered in a way that a common man cannot trace them. He remains unknown of the fact that the eye of a camera is watching all what he is doing and the memory of the same camera is recording or saving it. Such cameras are fixed especially in the rooms of hotels, washrooms, and try or dressing rooms of garments shops, boutiques and beauty salons. The victim is later blackmailed and threatened by the recorders that if he/she would not fulfill their illegal desires, the photos or video containing his/her private actions will got viral on internet and then everybody will watch it. Hence the victim would lose his chastity and reputation in the eyes of this world.

A lot of such cases have been happened in this decade and are being happened continuously. No valuable action has been taken yet in this respect by the government. This bitter reality of growing blackmailing is leading to more and more harassment and ransom. It has become a mental torture for public. They feel them insecure using private places due to the fear of being exposed through hidden cameras. Keeping in mind these facts, you must be very careful when going to or resting at such places. But this also leaves a number of questions to think about.

How it will be stopped when government would not take interest in saving the privacy of public by punishing the culprits who record such videos? Is our privacy value nothing?Should we leave using or going to such places even if we need to? Till when a common man would be blackmailed on the name of reputation and chastity by the hands of mean recorder people?

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