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Kashmir Issue | Would it ever be resolved?

     How long the helpless lot would suffer? Has anyone of us ever imagined how hard would it is be to spend the life of a prisoner? Daily, a number of Kashmiris got killed by Indian troops. Those innocent occupied humans when try to fight for their rights and independence, are deplumed brutally. When they protest against the attitude and behavior kept towards them by the India and Indian army, they face shelling of tear gas, beating and firing. Results __ a number of them lose their lives and others get injured badly. The respects of Kashmiri females are being ruined by Indian occupiers every day.

     What’s their fault? Just that they want independence and strive for it? For how long no one of the countries in the world, especially Islamic countries will raise voice for them? Why the life has been made so hard for them? The government India imposed curfew in Kashmir on August 05, 2019 scrapping Articles 370 and 35A of the constitution of India and also introduced Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019. They openly treat the Muslims brutally demonstrating their utter hatred. Everything is on the record. Hundreds of them die on daily basis during these horrible situations. Neither they get food to eat, nor any medicine to be treated. Innocent children and old people who don’t have enough capacity to bear illness and starvation suffered extremely due to this curfew.

     Why don’t the rulers of Pakistan try seriously to solve the Kashmir issue? If Pakistan considers Kashmir as its jugular vein, then why she is silent in taking action against India to free its part (Kashmir)? Till when we will keep leaving the Kashmiris on the mercy of India? If the same would have been occurring to us, will we stay silent? If we consider them as our brothers and sisters, then why we are silently letting their respects be ruined by the hands of Non-Muslims? Why don’t the other nations help Kashmiris in getting freedom when they are disclaimer of favouring the human rights? Time to take step!

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