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New features announced by Facebook to help small business in this pandemic situation

Facebook New Features for Small Business

Facebook started in 2004 is now one of the leading social media sites is trying to make this pandemic situation useful by introducing a new shopping feature. Mark Zuckerberg announced this on live streaming Tuesday, May 12, 2020, “We are seeing a lot of small businesses that never had online presence get online for the first time”.

Coronavirus has made an economic disaster all over the world. All businesses are facing a hard time in this pandemic situation.

Making social networking platforms business-friendly in this lockdown situation is a very important and constructive initiative. These online business shops will be accessed via Facebook and Instagram.

Tobias Luke CEO of Shopify also joined Mark in live streaming and announced a partnership. And other e-commerce sites will be part of this initiative i.e. Woo and Big Commerce.

Small Businesses have gone through a lot of eradication due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To control the economic situation, this is the finest way to overcome all the damage. Creating these shops are free and will be significant for all the small

Facebook decides to give joyful experience of shopping to everyone. This is the platform where you can make your shopping easy. The struggling of small businesses ends with this new feature.

How an e-commerce website can connect with Facebook to target your audience and grow your business?

You can connect your e-commerce websites with Facebook through Facebook pixel and domain verification method.

Through Facebook pixel you can connect your website with a few steps procedure then whenever you run add on your Facebook then you can target the visitor of your website on Facebook. You can create your own lists of audience for Facebook pixel.

Here are some practical examples

There are many examples of e-commerce websites developed by IT Radiation and Sunrise Technologies that established online store for their businesses and connect them on Facebook through domain verification.

  • Green Store UAE is an e-commerce website that is providing online plant store in UAE. This business started and targets their audience through social platform and website.
  • Royal mart is another example of such business that started their online store and grows their business using website and digital marketing.
  • Public buy and sell is an online platform which is offering all sort of things including vehicles, clothes, books and many more to buy and sell them online.
  • Helen maid is a cleaning service providing company that using online platform promoting cleaning services in Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai. They are also providing Cleaning Maids for residential Cleaning and commercial cleaning.

We can help you to grow and promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Consult IT Radiation and Sunrise Technologies for social media marketing.

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