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Transgender | Accept VS Prove

     Why we consider transgender as an inferior creature? Why we behave like they are nothing at all? Either they are not human or we are inhuman? Have we ever thought what impact this kind of our behavior has on their sensitivity? Have we ever thought how we have made their lives as a hell to go through? Is it the reason that they become helpless and have no chance other than dancing and begging to fulfill their expenditures?

    How the transgender or she-males are treated in this society is quite evident to us. They have been looked down from birth till death. Even education and preaches of equal rights can’t change the nature of most of us. Transgender does not avail any respect or importance. This kind of attitude from normal humans pushes them to the darkness of deprival. They are not given chances of jobs and other works to earn their livings.  Same is the reason that their appetite and other necessities to stay alive compel them to dance in the parties, let them disrespected and used, or beg at roads and streets.

     But what is the solution of all this? When will these situations change? Who has to take first step? Is it one-sided mistake or two-sided? The best example in this sense has been come to the sight by a transgender human named as Marvia Malik. She is a Pakistani and left no choice for the public except embracing her existence, importance and rights!

     Marvia Malik struggled to become a newscaster and prove herself as a true example of courage and determination. She is the She decided to prove herself, her ability and guts before the world and now she is earning respectably. She feels no shame in being a transgender. She expressed that what matters is; you are a human and you have the right to live a respectable life. In this way, she has left a thought for all she-males to fight for their rights. She has encouraged her whole gender that if they stay courageous, have faith in God, and struggle to prove themselves, then they can achieve their goals and lead a respectable life.

     Now let’s talk about our inhumanity towards transgender. Just think if God has not made us a normal human but put us in transgender category? What will be our feelings if we ourselves had belonged to transgender? When Islam has given equal rights and respect to each kind of humans, then who are we to snatch them from anyone? Or else are not we Muslim? Don’t we think that we will be answerable to those innocent she-males and also to the God for this cruelty? Why don’t we allow transgender to work respectably she can do it? Why we don’t consider their guts, intelligence and hardworking that they can do most of the works efficiently?

     Isn’t it all a matter of shame to us? It’s time for us to change this negative thinking and follow the rules of Islam and humanity. Else it would be a demonstration of our own inferiority and ignorance. On the other hand, the step taken by Marvia Malik is a bold step showing that she-males also possess courage. So, if they determine, they can prove that they are not back, not less than any other. Consider these facts! Let’s encourage them and make our attitude positive towards this creature of God!

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