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We Have to Admit

Waste of Food

Imagine if we don’t get food? Why don’t we give value to this blessing, rather show ingratitude and thanklessness by wasting it? What if God get annoyed and stop blessing us with food? It is intensive bitter reality that people waste food a lot in the present era. Whether it is cooked at home or arranged at an office or restaurant.

Mostly when a cooked meal is out of our choice then we refuse to eat it and arranged for something else. The result is that the food which is specified for our eating is thrown into the garbage next day or wasted in a sink. Another bitter practice is that of taking into the plate more than need or appetite. It is mostly seen at functions. People fill their plates in the greed of superb dishes but can’t finish. The left food is then wasted later. Another bitter reality is that we don’t train our children about not wasting food and finish the taken one. In this way, they get used to left food or take more than appetite in the plate.

We have forgotten that food is one of the precious blessings of God to us. And the wasted food further goes to dirt which is a disgusting action taken by us to express that food has no value to us. We are so unthankful to God in this sense.

We don’t think of those poor who don’t get meal two times or even once a day. We spend too much on feasts arranging for a lot of dishes which are more than need. Instead, why don’t we stay moderate? Why don’t we help those poor who don’t get enough food to eat instead of wasting it or arranging for more than needed? Isn’t it better to help them? Why we don’t think while wasted food even for a second that it will go to the dirt collection and God can stop blessing us due to this profanation? Why don’t we tell earlier which is not of our choice? And why we are so careless in training our children about not committing this sin as well? We have to admit!

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