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Innocents lives snatched | Till When?

Why do people continue to burn in the fire of enmity? Even they don’t consider for a single moment while murdering someone that how much his/her family will suffer? What will be the condition of victim’s family after him and how will they manage? Does humanity still exist in the society or it has been abolished?

A woman gave toxic meal to her children. The 3 kids died at the spot. Afterwhile, she also ate the same meal and attempted suicide. When the underlying reason of this heart aching case was unveiled, the truth came out is that the father of those innocent kids was murdered by an enemy. His sudden death left a shocked for his wife. She was all alone then, and could not manage to grow up her children on her own. Nobody stepped forward to offer a helping hand for her and children.

This couple was married by love and their relatives didn’t favour this marriage. The result was that all of them broke up relationship to them and disconnected this family. So this couple was the only support and source of courage to one another after God in this materialistic world. They were living in poverty. The man was a labourer and he hardly managed the bread. The family often used to face starvation or ate only once a day. In such conditions, the sudden death of victim proved a huge shock of grief and helplessness to his wife. She was unable to manage the bread and other expenditures of children. The family spent this worst time of a month helplessly. Nobody supported them in this condition. That’s why the woman took horrible step of giving his children toxic substance because she couldn’t see them suffer like this. Now she had no purpose left to live so she also committed suicide.

It’s not the single case in our society. Hundreds of incidents are seen or listened every year now and they leave a numbers of questions to think about. Is there any fault of such innocent children who suffer in this way and whose lives are snatched like this? Have poor people no right to live? Have we ever thought about the actual responsible of such cases? Is the government paying proper attention to poor families existing in this country? Do we, as a public, support such helpless people unable even to feed twice a day? Is it fair to oppose love marriage considering only your own ego and leave such couples all alone in their bad times? Why we humans are also thankless to God that we ruin his precious gift of life to us? Why we cannot stay brave and patient? Why we don’t consider that God is the only and greatest support to us? And who are those senseless enemies who don’t think for a single moment before killing someone? Does Islam allow it or are they non-Muslim? Surely they shouldn’t consider human being but beasts!

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