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We warmly welcome you to write for Rekhtiya. Utilize your writing skill to share knowledge with others. Write informative articles and we will publish here. It would not only help you to improve your writing skills and vocabulary but also help others to be aware of hidden realities and spend a better life.

Consider following points while writing article for Rekhtiya:

  1. Content must be based on true information. Don’t distort the facts.
  2. Stay unbiased while putting facts before the world.
  3. Mention the reference from Quran and Hadith while presenting arguments on Islam. Same rule is applied on other categories.
  4. Use audience-friendly and appropriate vocabulary.
  5. Create your own content, copying from any other source is strictly forbidden.
  6. Content must be to the point and comprehensive. Article must be no less than 350 words.
  7. Article will be reviewed by Team Rekhtiya before publishing.
  8. You will be informed to make a change in case of any mistake/unsuitable wording/unfair fact. Article will be published afterwards.
  9. Rekhtiya will publish your article by your name. Each author will have an individual personal profile.
  10. Rekhtiya reserves the copyrights for all the content uploaded on it. Legal action will be taken in case of copying Rekhtiya’s material.